Special Olympics Hawaii has designed two programs to help keep our athletes fit while staying at home.

Facebook/Digital Option

Join our Facebook group SOHI Stays Fit and stay active while home. We’ll be utilizing Special Olympics’ Fit 5 and School of Strength programs, as well as our 3-2-1 program designed by OrangeTheory Fitness, to keep our athletes moving.

We will be posting the workouts daily in our Facebook group. Participate daily and mark off the tracker as you go along. Once you complete the tracker, post a picture of your tracker in the Facebook group to earn your certificate of participation. Let’s stay active while staying at home!

Live Workouts & Activities

We are hosting live workouts and activities every week. For information on how to participate, contact your Head of Delegation, or join the Facebook group for access information. You can also view workout recordings on our Youtube channel, along with other helpful health information.

We will be raffling gift cards to challenge participants. Challenges are hosted every week on Tuesday. Each gold stars earns you 3 entries, silver earns 2 entries, and bronze earns 1 entry. It’s not too late to get started and earn your stars!

Contact your HOD for the most up to date schedule!

Stay Fit BINGO

Each week SOHI will provide participants opportunities to cross off squares on their BINGO cards to win incentives.

 Some of the squares require participation in the SOHI Stays Fit Facebook Group activities; some are for participation in the live fitness events like the challenges and workouts and some are for the health and wellness series.

Once a participant has completed a requirement for one of the prizes, such as 1 line across or the X or the black out, take a photograph of the completed BINGO Card and either post it to the SOHI Stays Fit group or e-mail it to Walker at ha@sohawaii.org.

The BINGO results will then be assessed, and, if determined to be valid, a prize will be awarded!

A participant can win a prize the following ways:

  1. For completing one horizontal or vertical line, participants will receive an extra star on the fitness challenge board
  2. For completing 2 vertical or horizontal lines, participants will receive a Fit 5 tote bag
  3. For completing an “X” on the BINGO card, participants will receive a Fit 5 T-Shirt
  4. For completing a “blackout,” meaning all squares have been filled, participants will receive a Stainless Steel Fit 5 Water Bottle

If you’ve already received a Fit 5 t-shirt, keep checking off those boxes cause we’ve got other fun, exclusive shirts to give away!

Non digital version

Keep up with daily exercises with our 3-2-1 program. Print out the handouts below to follow along. Keep track of your workouts on the fitness tracker and send a picture of your completed tracker to your HOD to earn your certificate of participation.