Special Olympics Hawaii is so excited to get our athletes back on the field with Bocce for the Return to Play season (May through July).

Important area dates to be updated shortly. There will be no state-wide bocce competition due to COVID restrictions.

Area Bocce CompetitionsTBD

Return to Play Information

In order to return to play for this bocce season, all delegations must follow the Return to Play guidelines and utilize the documents provided by SOHI.

Coaching Information

All coaches must review the Bocce Rules and Guidelines for the Summer 2021 season.

Delegation Requirements

Each delegation must have a certified head coach in bocce. If you do not have a coach that is currently certified, please follow the steps below to get certified.

All coaches must be up to date with their regular volunteer trainings.

How to Get Certified

In order to be certified for this bocce season, coaches must complete the online training provided by SOHI. This includes:

  1. Reviewing the Bocce Rules and Guidelines document (see above)
  2. Reviewing the Return to Play Guidelines document (see above)
  3. Watching the bocce training videos on Youtube (yes, all 25 clips)
  4. Taking the bocce quiz (you must score 80%, 16/20 correct, in order to pass the quiz)
  5. Coaches must be up to date with volunteer certifications.

After completing these steps, coaches will be certified in bocce for three years. All current sports trainings will also be extended for three years.

Be sure to screen and track your athletes, utilize the Safety Practice Bubble Diagram during your practices, and have fun!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Area Director or Nip Ho – program@sohawaii.org.